Gas station P&F

The gas station “P&F” was built on the main street Požarevac-Veliko Gradište in 1997. The modern-style building with 300m² is situated in the valley of the Mlava river, 3km from Požarevac. A shop, café, office space and 500m² parking for cars and trucks, surrounded by nature are part of the gas station. The building also offers rooms for overnight stays and recreation after long journeys.

The gas station sells petrol, diesel, agricultural diesel and liquefied petroleum gas in bottles. Food, beverages and car accessories can be bought in the shop. In the café you can refresh yourself and take a short break on your journey.


Monday-Sunday from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Where we are

Benzinska Stanica P&F
Gradištanski put bb.
12206 Bratinac
Republika Srbija

 +381 12 286 250

   +381 69 762 712